"Revitalise Your Summer Look: 3 Hot HairCuts  and Styling Hacks of Summer"

"Revitalise Your Summer Look: 3 Hot HairCuts and Styling Hacks of Summer"

As the temperature rises, it's the perfect season to give your hair a sun-kissed makeover! Lauren McCowan,  our co-founder, product wizard behind mon amie haircare and a hairstylist to the coolest people you know, suggests that shedding those dry, winter ends with a fresh cut and treatments is the key to keeping your hair vibrant and breezy during the summer months. Let's dive into the hottest trends and expert tips to keep your mane looking fab all summer long.

Summer Hair Color Vibes: Going Lighter for a Sunlit Glow

Summer is all about embracing the light, and this year, the trend of going lighter with hair colour is making waves. According to Lauren, adding soft, sun-kissed highlights can elevate your summer look. To maintain that radiant colour and protect your locks from the sun, Lauren recommends incorporating nourishing oils and treatments like https://monamiehair.com/products/the-shining-purple-conditioner into your hair-care routine. 

Beach Shag Cut…

shag haircut

This particular style revolves around the haircut itself. Renowned stylist Lauren, known for her industry-famous shags, emphasises the versatility of layers, citing their minimal upkeep. However, she notes a challenge for longer hair—achieving ample body. The solution? Opt for a shorter shag that still delivers alluring face-framing angles, creating a look brimming with sexy texture and movement.

For those with wavy or curly hair, working with your stylist on how many cuts you should have to maintain and achieve your hairy goals plus good care is essential. Working with a curl specialist to create your annual hair plan, plus a customised haircare and styling routine will ensure you get the best of your curls- always. Regular treatments, moisturisers and definers are the right move to getting a hydrated, even curl pattern- which you can then brush, shake and style out to your perfect vibe. Avoid drying products that will take unnecessary moisture from your scalp and hair fibre. Don't let dehydration ruin your curl-vacation.

Effortless Beach Waves Cut

beach waves

The key here is texture and a slightly haphazard air. Some hair just needs a great layered cut to play up the waves—and little else. If you already have texture and curl, you can enhance it with a curling iron—but curl only a few pieces. “Don't curl all of your hair in fact less than half of your hair, and make sure you curl in opposite directions to avoid creating one giant curl,” says Lauren. “In general, the less you curl, the more natural your hair will look.” Long, blended layers with effective placement of slicing to create texture will give you a versatile cut that can be work straight, or waved out for whatever kind of salty vibe you are going for. 

Sunlit Lob

long bob haircut

The long bob is a great match for different hair types and textures. If you are making the chop for the first time from long hair keep it a bit longer than you first wanted, it’s easier to take off more than add it back on. “ The lob is incredibly versatile—wear it sleek or with waves. For a soft and romantic vibe, add a hint of volumiser at the roots and a nourishing cream on the ends. This style is also long enough to put up when it is too hot, and works well under a cap or hat. WINNING.


Must-Have Products for Your Summer Hair Care Kit

Ensure your hair stays summer-ready with these essentials:

  • Lightweight leave-in conditioner we like this one
  • UV-protectant hair products like wunderkind
  • Sea salt spray for that beachy texture we like this one 
  • Nourishing hair treatments and masks like the shining 
  • Styling tools like a quality curling iron or a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment
  • A great toning shampoo like tone up and this one 
This summer, let your hair steal the spotlight with a fresh and fabulous look that matches the vibrant energy of the season.
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