Mon Amie Muse - Lauren King

Mon Amie Muse - Lauren King

Welcome to Mon Amie Muse - where we profile people that inspire us - they are from anywhere and everywhere- doing amazing things across multiple industries and platforms. They inspire us and in doing so, we hope they inspire you too. First up is Lauren King- a multi-disciplinary Creative Director, Editor and Producer from Sydney, Australia - Lauren is responsible for major hair and fashion campaigns and content from the likes of Dyson, Wella, L’Oreal, K18, Maurie and Eve, Billini, SWF Boutique, and the list goes on. A true tastemaker whose integrity and creative choices make her a discerning first Mon Amie Muse. She also happens to be our co-founder’s best friend. 


As our first Mon Amie Muse and the best friend of our founder Lauren McCowan- are you here under duress?
She does know my deepest, darkest secrets, so …

You are a Creative Director and Producer- what does your career cover?

A lot! I am lucky to work with a collective of wonderful clients who wholeheartedly trust in my vision. They lay their brand/designs on the table for me to take, concept and articulate – visually - across stills and motion. This involves campaign direction, securing suitable talent and a creative team, location scouting, pre and post production, and even titling the collection and colourways. As an art director, it is also my responsibility to manage the execution of all creative components on the day, ensuring brand requirements are fulfilled.


What are your tips for people wanting a career in your field?
At the start, never say no to an opportunity. It may not speak to your aesthetic, but you will always walk away with a lesson learned. Don’t feel like you must know every one of the world’s artists/designers/creatives and all their most iconic references. Never stop feeding your mind, but It is OK to gravitate towards what speaks to you as a human and creative. This will shape your style as a creative and draw people/clients/business your way.


Your hair type is thick, curly and blonde- what are some must dos to keep your hair in top condition?

Don’t bleach the absolute shit out of it. Regardless of what they say, bits will break, and these may turn into temporary devil horns that your best friend lets you walk around with for an entire evening in Paris. Thanks Loz! Quality products, always … hydration, hydration, hydration!

As one of our muses- it must be asked- who inspires you creatively?
Carine Roitfeld, Virgil Abloh, and my friend Britt McCamey.

As an iconic figure in the Australian hair and beauty industry- hair trends for Summer 2022?

This is nothing new, but in my opinion, summer should be about embracing your texture, lightening it up and letting the ocean do its thing. I always find a new level of love for my curls as the weather warms.



Go-to place for cut and colour and why
PALOMA salon, owned by Paloma Rose-Garcia. It’s all about hair health here, and my girl P knows her way around a head of curls.



Tell us about some secrets around your haircare routine?

Don’t over wash it! Once a week.

What’s your favourite Mon Amie product?
As a curly girl with thick hair- I love my blonde super bright but I do love some warmth. I have been loving The Shining blonde shine treatment- it is rare to find a blonde hair treatment that brightens, softens but really adds shine and manageability to my hair. I am also a fan of Wunderkind blonde blowout spray for an amazing tone and go spray between washes.

You are travelling somewhere with your best friend- where are you headed?
Back to Berlin to finish what we started.

Dream client to direct?
HARD! Calvin Klein (denim). I am a denim worshipper, and this brand does it so damn well. Fresh, timeless, always relevant. That shot of baby Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg is burnt into my brain, and I like it.

Favourite skin product right now?
Medik8 C-Tetra Serum - it feels like little Pac-men are doing their thing, turning over skin cells and releasing that glow to the world.

Fragrance to turn heads?


TOM FORD ÉBÈNE FUME - I’m a woody fragrance kind of girl, and this adds an instant hit of sex appeal to any outfit.




Can’t live without fashion investments?

I have three:

  1. Off White jeans - those who know me well, know I love flaming apparel, and these are emblazoned with two of them down either leg. Also, I am 6ft tall and had to have these babies taken up, it was a beautiful thing, and they sit so perfectly over a set of heels now.
  2. My Margiela black mules - wear them with denim, a sexy black slip dress or tailored pant. Everything works.
  3. My Y by Yohji Yamamoto black blazer. I live in this.




Music on your playlist?
Always, always, always Erykah Badu. I also love a good serve of hard techno most days.

What’s a cause that you are passionate about?
Climate change. I have learnt a lot from my good friend Paloma Rose Garcia around this. Learning that everything from who you bank with to the daily discussions you have, are vital in promoting change.

Coveted art piece?
I need more art, but at present, perhaps my Hugh Holland image. He was pivotal in capturing the spirit of skate culture in the 70s, and I continue to source great inspiration in the style and attitude of this moment in time.

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