Inside Edition - Sustainability and Us

Inside Edition - Sustainability and Us

Mon Amie,

This is the INSIDE EDITION - where we share our journey, hopes, dreams, business insights and everything that makes up Mon Amie. There’s nothing to hide here team- one of our founding principles is transparency. We’re going to start with something extremely important to us- sustainability. Sustainability is a word we all hear thrown around a lot. What does it mean to us? Environmental protection is not something we want to use as a gimmick to sell- across all our business choices and formulations we want to pioneer where we can and learn where we need to. 


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Let’s cut to the chase. We want products that are enjoyable to use, give you results and contribute less to the pressure we are putting on our planet. We looked at the lifecycle and frequency of use of haircare and styling products- largely in plastic bottles. We just couldn’t be a contributor to unnecessary plastic waste every 6 weeks- no matter how good our products were. The frequency of use and turnover in the hair industry renders haircare one of the categories of beauty generating the most waste.  

Creating a refillable system in haircare as a start-up was a journey to say the least. But the forever aluminium bottle is yours to keep, and the refill is what you reorder. We want you to be part of the refill-ution. Even if you (hopefully not) stop using Mon Amie- our labels can be soaked off so you can repurpose our bottles into different options. We know we haven’t found the perfect solution just yet but here is why we have landed on this system. 

  • 75% of the aluminium ever made is still in use today.  
  • You buy a ‘forever’ bottle that is 100% aluminium, supported by a refill pouch which uses 60% less plastic than turning over traditional plastic or recycled plastic bottles in the life cycle of a haircare product.
  • The aluminium bottles are designed to be kept for a long period of time and can be repurposed for different functions once finished with or recycled when disposed of- with the comfort of knowing that aluminium recycles back to 100% purity every time it is recycled and reused.
  • Our refill pouches are lighter and produce less of a carbon footprint to ship pouches rather than big bulky bottles.
  • We manufacture all our products and fragrances right here in Australia with consciously sourced ingredients and exclusively developed formulations- this is for creative control, lower carbon footprint with shipping samples, supporting the local economy, and having the ability to be flexible with rapid changes when they arise.
  • Our shipping boxes are recycled cardboard with minimal ink printing and no excessive packaging- because we all just want to get to what’s inside the box- let’s be real.
  • We use an eco-paper stock that is sustainably harvested in Australia and FSC certified for our parcel cards and have partnered with Heaps Good packaging for our hex wrap paper, label printing and thermal eco labels.

Our sustainability choices range from what’s in our formulations, where they are made, to how they are packaged, how they ship, how we recycle and how our customers use them. No nasties, no testing on any animals, no marketing claims to brain, green or generally wash you the wrong way.

As a business we will always be searching for ways to do things better- but this something that truly excites us- because as the world evolves, so will we- and as a small business we can be reactive to evolving our packaging and choices as they become available. We hope you will come on the journey with us towards a more sustainable future. 

Mon Amie looks at the big picture- because every small choice can add up to something big. And we can always do better with a little help from our friends.



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