Hairpedia - How to do a salon blowout at home

Hairpedia - How to do a salon blowout at home

There is not much that comes close to the smug hair swish feeling you get post a professional blowout, so let’s discover what is needed for a salon blowout at home. A great blowout makes you feel unstoppable and take it from us and our salon friends that there’s some tips and tricks that hairdressers employ to give you that salon-fresh feeling.
An at home blowout could sound scary, but with the right tips it will be salon quality. All you need are a few secrets of the trade and as your Mon Amie we want to share them.  Read on to get the 3 tips needed for a salon quality blowout from home.

Step One: Clean Hair is the foundation

Bouncy blowouts start with well washed hair. One of the main reasons at home blowouts fall flat is because a lot of shampoos leave behind some not so desirable ingredients, and build up on the hair.

Set your blowout up for success with a shampoo that won’t leave residue on your hair and scalp. It is absolutely essential that you shampoo the hair twice. The first shampoo will remove dirt, build up and open up the cuticle. The second wash allows the ingredients in a shampoo to properly cleanse and nourish the hair so that you have a full head of light, airy and clean hair to work with. Tone up is formulated without thickening agents, silicones, oils, conditioning agents or sulfates.

If you really want to further brighten and add shine follow up with Mon Amie The Shining, which has been formulated only using ingredients that are proven to prolong your colour and provide show stopping shine. Now for our fine hair friends for whom volume is everything- do not fear, The Shining will give your hair the tone, repair and nourishment it needs, whilst being incredibly lightweight- so your salon blowout at home won’t fall flat either.

Step Two: Towel away your tears!

Really wet hair is no fun to blowout and you have a higher chance of damaging it, especially weak blonde hair (think exposure to heat and pulling!) which makes your hair unhappy. Mucho unhappy. And please for the love of the hair gods- do not rub up against the cuticle whilst trying to dry your hair- this can cause insane knots, breakage and so much extra frizz by aggravating the cuticle. Which means way more work for you and your biceps when blow-drying.

We recommend using a moisture wicking hair towel - throw it on while you do your skincare routine. Glide and press the towel down the cuticle then wrap your hair up. This will pull out unnecessary moisture without blowing up your hair.  We really like this one.

Step Three: Protect, tone and nourish.

Ok, so the final step for a salon blowout at home is Wunderkind blonde blowout spray, it’s a versatile blowout spray that will tone and brighten and repair the hair fibre with ingredients like Hydrolysed Rice Protein, whilst providing a beautiful gloss to the hair. Wunderkind helps to prevent colour fading, protects against UV stress and heat. We use a water soluble Amodimethicone emulsion in the place of silicones to improve combing, enhance shine, add volume, and reduce flyaway hair. On top of all those attributes- it smells amazing, if we do say so ourselves.

On wet hair mist evenly throughout the whole head to add hold without weight and build-up.

We recommend working section by section. Which is a fancy way of saying break your hair into 4- 6 areas and clip up the areas that are wet while you blowout the section that is down. 

Start at the nape and focus on getting the roots dry first- don;t worry about the ends yet- it is easier if they stay damp so that your brush will glide through them while you are drying the roots.

For volume at the roots, the key is  lifting up and away from your scalp, using a vented brush.We like a big vented round brush, work through your hair using tension to give it an ultra smooth finish.

Once the roots are dry- then focus on the mid-lengths and polishing the ends. This makes your blow dry more efficient and easy- it also will stop you over drying your hair and creating frizz and a less than desired result. 

For extra hold- you can put each section into a Velcro roller or clip it up while it is warm- it will cool down with a bouncier finish. This also makes it way easier when working on the next section- you won’t catch your dry areas into your brush.

Now- hairspray- let’s talk about it. RESIST the urge to spray your hair to the heavens while it is clipped up. When your hair is done, gently release it from the clips or rollers and BEFORE your brush or get you hands into it- spritz it with a fine mist, light hold hairspray to lock in your shape. Wunderkind has amazing hold and shape memory properties whilst feeling light and airy on the hair- so you don’t want to weigh your hair down with a heavy, strong hold hairspray. Light layers of an invisible spray then a good brush and shake will have you feeling like an absolute winner.

The LAST, important tip is to make sure you brush it at night and use a silk scrunchie or turban to secure your hair. The heat of the head at night can affect your blowout- so sleeping on it without securing your shape will cut the life of your blow dry in half. Make the effort to pin it up correctly and you will have it for longer than you think!

Voila! You've done your first salon blowout at home and have bouncy, salon hair that is toned and shiny. Now go out there and swish to your heart’s content.

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