Hairpedia - Everything you need to know about finding the best shampoo for blonde hair and the tips to look out for shampoos in general.

Hairpedia - Everything you need to know about finding the best shampoo for blonde hair and the tips to look out for shampoos in general.

So you're hunting for the best purple toning shampoo for blonde, highlighted blonde, balayage and grey hair. It’s information overload and we have all been there - asking friends and family and even punching it into google. Let us break down what to look for and what to look out for when searching for your perfect toning partner.

What does shampoo even do?

The key to any great shampoo is to strike the perfect balance between cleansing and condition. The main aim is to remove product buildup, dirt and oils from the scalp and hair fibre- with the use of surfactants that break buildup down and remove it. Once the hair fibre is cleansed- the conditioning agents within a shampoo are designed to leave the hair in a manageable state where the hair is softened but the cuticle is still open enough to absorb a conditioning treatment. This balance is important when finding a great shampoo- where the hair is clean with no heavy residue, but still manageable.

What do I need to look out for?

Be wary of shampoos that promise miracle cures for all hair ills or promise to fix your entire life, by giving you that perfect ‘celebrity endorsed’ shine. It is important that you look past the marketing claims on the front of the bottle and check out the back, a lot of products that are cheap and look too good to be true are generally loaded with chemicals like resins, plastics, waxes and silicones that are derived from petroleum by-products. These are formulated to cosmetically coat your hair shaft and will give you a temporary feeling of ‘great hair’. But over time these products can cause major hair issues by leaving behind product residue that can prevent real ingredients from entering the hair fibre and nourishing it. This means that your hair and scalp aren’t totally clean and can result in frizz, dry or oily scalp build-up, split ends and unnecessary damage.

So many versions of blonde shampoo- which one is right for me?

The short answer is that shampoo should do exactly what it needs to do: Cleanse the hair and scalp. Remove dirt, oil and impurities, without stripping your colour and maintaining the quality of your hair. Purple shampoos have the added benefit of toning your blonde hair to counteract brassy and yellow tones- keeping your blonde bright. It can extend the life of your colour- making it fresher for longer.
Since a shampoo is worked into your scalp, you need to ensure it rinses out fully or you can be at risk of clogged follicles and inflammation, which can eventually lead to hair loss. You should always wash your hair twice; once to remove said dirt and impurities, then the second wash lets the shampoo really do its work.

Sulfates- what’s the big deal?


Tone Up blonde toning shampoo is sulfate free- instead we use gentle but effective cleansers which cleanse gently and thoroughly without drying or stripping your hair of its internal hydration. Purple shampoos are really effective when used with these surfactants as they cleanse whilst pigment is deposited to brighten your blonde. Why do we skip the sulfates? Well these are basically detergents that can be harsh and can cause colour-stripping, and have an irritating, drying effect on hair and scalp- and are really unnecessary in products today.


Regardless of your hair type, you should look for ingredients that will clean your hair and wash out easily. For the best wash and toning results, our Tone Up blonde toning shampoo has been formulated to ensure that all our ingredients are active and effective on the hair shaft with no residues or build up left behind that will damage the hair or scalp. We tested the perfect amount of pigment to brighten and add vibrancy to your blonde without over toning or making your colour dull. For the overall health and integrity of the hair, we recommend staying away from sulfates. 

Should I also try to find a natural or organic product?

Navigating natural and organic claims can be tricky. Often if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that “natural” isn’t a government or industry-regulated term, which means that it doesn’t have bearing on what you’re buying- and can essentially be used as a marketing gimmick. Ingredients can be “certified organic”, but that doesn’t mean that they are not added to a formula that has other unwanted ingredients in it. 

Focusing on clean and ethically sourced formulas is important- as well as the packaging your product is in and the business practices of the brand you choose to invest your money in.

So what are some common ones and why won’t you find them in our toning shampoo?

Coconut Oil: Claims to help with softness, shine and prevents frizz. The truth is coconut oil can be an excellent ingredient in certain applications but when claimed to be a key ingredient in a shampoo- it can be hard to rinse out, and clogs follicles, which can lead to thinning hair. If you are a coconut oil pre-shampoo aficionado- we would suggest using a detox shampoo to clarify your hair and remove any buildup prior to toning your blonde with a purple shampoo. 

Essential Oils: with label claims such as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, essential oils are often found in products, and are also often added for their ‘sensory experience’. As much as we love an essential oil we don’t add them to our shampoo as they can disrupt the cleansing process.

So, with all of that in mind, what’s our advice for the best purple shampoo for your hair? Choose a sulfate-free, residue free formula like our Mon Amie Tone Up blonde toning shampoo. Your blonde shampoo should clean your hair and tone it without making it feel dry and brittle- the perfect balance of pigment deposit, cleansing and hydration, repair and manageability- without having to sacrifice the environment or your health.

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