Hairpedia - 5 Tips for Your Summer Hair Routine to Beat the Summer Hair Blues

Summer is a time of outdoor fun and carefree living, but it can be hard on your hair. Blonde-haired beauties in particular can suffer from dullness and colour fade—all those days spent in the sun, swimming in the pool, and styling for holidays and events can take a toll. But don’t worry! With some simple tips added to your summer hair routine, you can beat the summer blues and keep your blonde locks looking their best. Read on to learn more about how to tackle common summer hair issues with ease.

Hydrate and nourish your body

If you want to keep your blonde hair looking its best, start by taking care of yourself from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water helps ensure that your body is properly hydrated so that your hair looks shiny and healthy instead of dry and brittle.

Additionally, stay away from processed foods as much as possible; instead, focus on eating real food that’s packed with essential vitamins such as A, C, B12, iron, zinc, biotin and folic acid which will nourish your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. If you are looking for specific supplements to support a healthy hair growth journey- look no further than ​​Aede Hair Wellness.

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Don’t let dehydration ruin your vacation….

In the same way you protect and care for your skin over summer- it’s just as important to think of your hair and scalp the same way. And if your hair is being exposed to the elements- then hydration is essential. Make sure you are doing regular treatments to replenish your hair. An easy tip- invest in a hair oil that you can pop in wet or dry to give some love to your ends. This will help retain internal moisture as well as seal the cuticle and provide softness- think of it as a helping hand to seal in your shampoos, treatments and leave in conditioners. Deliver lightweight shine, softness and hydration to your hair with Virtue Labs Healing Oil . Formulated with a blend of nourishing oils plus Virtue’s Alpha Keratin 60ku protein, this oil repairs, strengthens and protects without ever weighing down your hair

Blonde toning & purple toning products

For blonde-haired beauties who spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun during the summer months, using a blonde toning shampoo or purple shampoo once or twice a week as part of your summer hair routine will help counteract any brassiness that may have resulted from UV damage. Purple shampoo works by depositing violet pigments into your strands to neutralise any yellow/orange tones caused by too much sun exposure or environmental discolouration. The result? Cool and neutral tones that look bright (and don’t forget to use a treatment after each wash to replenish lost moisture). We all love a good purple shampoo- but most of the ones we tried can really dry your hair out, flatten your brightness and that’s just not our vibe. 

Get toned up with a mild shampoo that tones your hair to a neutral or cool tone,

whilst adding weightless hydration, repair and strengthening to fortify the hair against breakage. Tone Up blonde toning shampoo is your perfect partner.

We’ve added delightful things like:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Panthenol
  • Hydrolysed Rice Protein
  • Vitamin E
  • Glycerine
  • Cationic guar

to give your hair a big dose of moisture and repair whilst toning and adding shine, silkiness and manageability. And that’s before you get to our pigment balance- perfected to give you brighter blondes by neutralising your yellow and gold undertones- without flattening your sparkle.

Now that’s what we call a super set. 

Heat Styling- yes or no for Summer?

It’s no secret that heat styling can cause serious damage—exposure to high temperatures strips moisture from strands which leads to breakage over time. During the summer months especially try to limit heat styling as much as possible; if you must blow dry or curl/straighten your hair then make sure you use products specifically designed for thermal and pollution protection such as Wunderkind blonde blowout spray before applying any heat tools directly onto hair. Wunderkind will also repair, nourish and visually tone your hair whilst being super lightweight.



If you want to revive faded or brassy tones between salon visits then try using The Shining blonde shine treatment once a week; this product will help restore vibrancy while also nourishing strands.  This wondrous creation uses a unique Natural Proshine complex that deeply repairs the hair fibre and locks in moisture to make the hair shinier.

 It’s what we’ve chosen to use instead of any silicones, along with a team of stellar friends like Sacha Inchi Oil, Hydrolysed Rice protein, Quaternium-87 (sounds crazy but improves hair gloss and has excellent dermatological and toxicological behaviours that won’t build up on the hair), Vitamin E and the list goes on.

Image Credit- Deon Hinton



UV protection- why do I need it for hair?

It turns out that our hair and scalp are susceptible to sun damage just like our skin is. Sun exposure can cause our hair to become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Plus, UV rays can fade dyed or highlighted hair colour over time. And if you happen to have areas on your scalp that are exposed to the sun, these areas are susceptible to burns caused by sun exposure. When shopping for SPF-infused hair care products, look for those containing UVA/UVB protection as well as ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide which act as physical blocks against ultraviolet rays. 

We recommend Sun Bum's protecting Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30 which relies on chemical blockers like homosalate, avobenzone, and octisalate to shelter the scalp from the sun's damaging rays. Additionally, it's formulated with glycerin and sunflower seed oil to minimise static and nourish the hair so it doesn't dry out. The sunscreen's slim nozzle makes it super easy to spritz along your part, as well as hard-to-reach areas on the scalp.

Caring for blonde hair during the summer months doesn't have to be complicated! By keeping up with hydrating treatments like deep conditioning treatments; incorporating blonde toning shampoos or purple shampoos into your summer hair routine; limiting heat styling whenever possible; and using products specially formulated for coloured hair, you'll be able to maintain beautiful blonde locks all through the sunny season! So go ahead - have fun in the sun without worrying about damaging your beautiful tresses!

Artist- Eugenia Loli
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