9 Summer Hair Color Trends for Blondes to Shine Bright this Season

9 Summer Hair Color Trends for Blondes to Shine Bright this Season

Ready to turn up the heat this summer? Of course you are! And what better way to do that than with a shade update? Whether you’re already a blonde or looking to go blonde, we have the perfect list of summer hair colour trends for blondes. From strawberry blonde to latte blonde, these shades will make sure you shimmer and shine all season long. Keep reading for some majorly inspiring ideas!

Strawberry Blonde – This hue is a perfect mix of beige and pink tones. It’s just enough colour to give your hair some extra life, but still subtle enough to pass as natural. It’s also great if you want to add a hint of warmth without fully committing to red hair. Universally flattering to all skin tones, it will flush your sun-kissed skin and is sheer enough to try without fearing that you will ruin the blonde base you have. 


Platinum Blonde – A classic favourite amongst blondes, platinum blonde is one of the ultimate cool-person shades. The icy hue looks especially stunning when paired with bright blue eyes and light skin tones – making it an ideal choice this season. Be warned this is a high-maintenance colour and will require investment and time to achieve the perfect platinum, as well as maintain it. We recommend investing in K18 molecular repair hair mask to prevent breakage and damage, and Mon Amie The Shining blonde shine treatment once to twice a week to keep your blonde toned, hydrated and ultra-shiny.

Butter Blonde – If there was ever an award for the most brilliant blonde shade, butter blonde would win hands down! The golden hue has everything you could possibly want in a shade; softness, warmth and luminosity that will make heads turn wherever you go! The key to butter blonde is to do a weekly tone to keep the warmth and gold of the hair, without unwanted brassiness creeping through. Wunderkind blonde blowout spray is the perfect way to visually tone your hair as needed to keep your buttery hue looking expensive. When we looked at what people would love from a styling spray we thought- why not create something that you can visually tone your style with- something lightweight and multi-functional with an ultra-fine mist delivery.

This versatile spray will tone and brighten, repair the hair fibre with ingredients like Hydrolysed Rice Protein, whilst providing a beautiful gloss to the hair. Wunderkind helps to prevent colour fading, and protects against UV stress and heat. 

Rooted Blonde – For those who don’t love too much upkeep, rooted blonde is perfect for low-maintenance blondes who don’t want their roots showing too quickly after their salon visit. With subtle root growth appearing gradually over time, it looks natural and effortless. It also gives a compelling ‘ I’m with the band’ or just straight rockstar vibes that we can definitely get on board with.  Kamrin White is giving us the PERFECT inspiration for low maintenance colour for curls.

Oat Milk Blonde - Oat milk brunette was huge last year and now oat milk blonde is here! This blend of honey and wheat tones creates the most gorgeous creamy gold hue that will look great on both lighter and darker skin tones alike.

Honey Blonde - Honey has been around forever but somehow it never gets old! Its soft yellow undertones give an overall warm effect while adding dimension and texture into your hair colour. Plus its multi-dimensional hues look amazing in the sun during summertime fun! It’s giving Suki Waterhouse.

Caramel Balayage - Caramel balayage is great if you want something more dramatic than ombre but still not quite as extreme as full on highlights or dip dyeing your hair. The caramel pieces create an effortless beachy look that’s perfect for summertime tousles! And for hair that makes you quite literally look like dessert……

Icy Ash Blonde - Ashy colours are extremely popular so why not try out icy ash blonde? This combination of greyish silver and white may sound intimidating but trust us, it works wonders on skin tones with cool undertones. The key here is to not overtone your hair, and make sure you talk with your colourist about the right type of ashy blonde for your complexion. If not done right- these shades can easily wash you out or throw unwanted hues of flat, blue-based tones. Tone Up blonde toning shampoo is going to be your best friend at keeping your initial colourist’s toner in, for hair so icy it could thrive in Antarctica.

Latte Blonde - Latte shades are all about combining various brown hues together with creamy white highlights for maximum dimension and depth in one single colour palette! It’s super easy to maintain; all you need is regular toners every few months to keep it looking fresh throughout the entire summer season! And focus on the tone of your lightest pieces when toning at home with your purple toning products. This will ensure that you don’t overtone your hair by focusing on the deeper areas.

Whether you're already a natural-born blonde or taking the plunge into going for something different and bold this season, one thing's for certain; there's no shortage of stunning options out there when it comes to summer hair colour trends for blondes. So let loose and experiment with any one of these amazing hues; after all blondes are synonymous with fun.

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